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Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas 2010

As we come to end of 2010 this blog sends the very best wishes from the HUGs Trustees in UK and the teams in Mubende and Fort Portal. Supporters are making a real difference to the lives and the futures of our special needs children at Good Shepherd and the children of St Zoe's near Mubende.

We start 2011 with finishing a new class room at Good Shepherd and plan to fund a vehicle during the year.This will allow Sister Thesesa to extend her work to the families who live in the region near to Fort Portal.
The school cow had a new calf in December and he has been named Bruno.

At St Zoes the second classroom for the secondary school, the vocational institute, a major primary school refurbishment, extended water harvesting and new sports fields and equipment are all starting to be built so it is going to be a very busy year. Many of the earliest pupils have now gone on the University, a few to further vocational education or to practical jobs in the community. The plans for the campus will allow many more to gain really valuable education and training for the future.

Rebecca and Naomi in the foundation trench for the new buildings.

Our Director, Andrew, is taking a leading role in developing the use of biogas systems in Uganda and our Ugandan Charity which is called Kagoma Educational Development Organisation, has just been asked by Ugandan authorities to train and lead the creation of 100 biogas systems on 5 regions of Uganda. The income from this venture will of course go to support the schools. St Zoe's is becoming a national training centre for this work and creating fuel from waste and not by cutting down forest is of great importance.

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