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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Some stories about Good Shepherd Special Needs Children

Sr. Theresa send these stories about some of the children at Good Shepherd school

Derick is a boy aged 13 years; He is in primary four class.  He likes playing foot ball and is like a professional goal keeper, and even the teachers are proud of him! He also like running around, helping everybody who needs help.  He also likes drawing funny pictures.  In the class he can concentrate for few minutes the rest of the time will be disturbing others, but when given individual attention, using sign language and a variety of learning aids after which he can really concentrate. 
The story of his life is not all that good because he has some impairments that is Speech and Hearing (totally deaf) but doing very well in his studies when given individual attention.  His parents neglected him since Child hood until Good Shepherd was put in place, now He is happy and enjoys the whole environment of the school. 
He is very good in sports and football and art
He is very good in keeping time
Has Team Spirit and friendly 
Sweeping the class

Sharon 10 year old girl, She is in primary two class.  She has visual impairment (partially blind), and with Intellectual impairment.  She likes running around and playing net ball.  She stays with her Aunt who cannot meet her needs at all, as a school struggle to meet her needs because her parents run and leave her behind alone.

She learns very well when given special attention with a variety of learning aids
She likes sweeping the class all the time even if not instructed
Likes the School very much that’s why She cleans all the time

She is very shy but sociable
She is very hot tempered when frustrated

Bob is 6 years of old he is in Nursery class.  He has severe intellectual impairment, he lives with parents who are very poor who cannot afford paying school fees and other needs.   He is always punctual and attentive in class, but very slow in areas like learning, playing, associating with his fellow learners and sharing material things in class and outside class.  Apart from the above mentioned, Bob is also a stubborn boy who doesn’t like or respond to teachers’ instructions, sometimes violent whereby he needs to calm him down with calming tactics in a calming room!  He behaves like an adult person by not wanting to be directed and helped whenever he is in difficulties.  So he needs special attention, and persuasive tongue.

Written by Sr. Theresa Abigaba

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