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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Opinions please

We posted something earlier about the Lira Babies Home which is a wonderful initiative in an area which was devastated by the violence in Northern Uganda in recent times. Happily it seems to be more peaceful now. But lots of children lost parents and the Lira Babies home has been helping the orphans in a very imaginative way.
HUGs is not a supporter but some of you have been donating through HUGS to help them. It costs about £12,000 per year to pay for everything at the home.
I wonder if we should suggest to our Trustees that we adopt this cause? The home has been running for many years but we found this press cutting from the Uganda New Vision which is rather worrying.

Please us the comments box on the blog to let us know whether you would be interested and if you might be able to increase a standing order to help. If lots of us do it this should not be a big burden.


Naomi said...

I'd be happy if this cause were to be adopted.

clueless said...

I'm happy to support this

louatkin said...

I think be good to support this

sheila.jones49 said...

HUGS is tiny, but the work it does in education is huge - and vital for Uganda's future. I'd love to be able to help the babies home, but I fear that there is a danger it will spread HUGS resources too thinly.