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Sunday, 6 February 2011

HQ Coaching and Sport for Schools

Uganda is not famous for sport excellence. I think there was just one Gold Medal in the last Olympics and cannot remember hearing of any great footballers or athletes. Boxing is perhaps the one exception. Next door Kenya has done a great deal better over the years. Matt Houghton of the well known Merseyside Coaching business is visiting St Zoes with a fellow Coach Phil Hayward in February. They have raised money to allow St Zoes to purchase a very considerable range of sport equipment so that the school can encourage sport excellence. Matt believes that if children are given the opportunity and some help then lots more hidden abilities can be discovered

The idea is that St Zoe's over time becomes a centre for Excellence in Sport and Matt and his team and all the schools he works with in the Merseyside, Cheshire, and Greater Manchester areas will all be able to support this great initiative.
Thanks to British Airways we will be taking lots of sports kit as part of our baggage allowance.

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boxinglover9 said...

OT: Pacquiao fans check this out! Check out Manny's training here. Watch some cool Pacman training and what not on the Manny Pacquiao Video Channel .