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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Bob's reflections on 4 days as a teacher

My visit to Uganda this years was fascinating and full of interest. I was very lucky to be able to spend four full days at St Zoes and I was extremely impressed with what I saw and heard. The teachers and students generally have a wonderful work ethic and are clearly full of gratitude for what all you supporters around the world have provided. They really are taking full advantage and some students already have great aspirations. 

Becky and Naomi  our two gap year students are making a  superb contribution. They work at the school every day and have developed a great working relationship with both the teachers and the students. I cannot speak too highly of them. In Peter’s last blog he said that I had asked a class to write about someone they admired, and he had copied an essay by one of the students. In fact it was Naomi who had asked the class to write about a person who '”inspired” them. This resulted in the wonderful essay published on the Blog

Posted by Trustee Bob Blundell

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