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Friday, 1 April 2011

Another Town in Africa...Lira

We had a meeting of HUGS Trustees this week and discussed future plans now that most of the really expensive work at Good Shepherd school in Fort Portal has been completed. Several people told us that they would be keen to support the Lira Babies Home (see earlier Blog)

We decided to do this and will be helping them with their task of creating a warm and supportive home for what is now over 45 abandoned babies. The Sisters have been very successful in finding relatives or good supporters who will adopt these children when they are about 3 to 5 years old and therefore the children do not become institutionalised.

Although the Lord Resistance Army now appear to have moved to Congo, the lasting effects of the child abduction and the devastation of many families has left a scar on places like Gulu and Lira. The Lira Babies Home has been addressing these problems and several of our supporters have visited the home. They were really impressed and keen that we should give support.

If you would like to help and are already a regular donor then all you have to do is to call your bank and ask them to increase your monthly standing order.

If you would like to start then there is a form on our HUGS web site and it is explained there.

Your can read more about Lira at this link 

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