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Friday, 15 April 2011

HUGS Plans for 2011

We had our Annual General Meeting a couple of weeks ago and approved our accounts subject to audit. We publish these on the Charity Commission web site when they are approved.
Looking ahead and with nearly all the major work at Good Shepherd complete we have decided that our big priorities will be;

1. Continued development at St Zoe's where we can see at least 5 years of major site development. The Vocational school is a big part of this.
2. Emphasis on sport facilities at St Zoe and Good Shepherd.
3. Some revenue support at Good Shepherd.
4. Giving support to the Lira Babies home. (see earlier blog entries)
5. Giving some support to St Kizito's and assisting the new head teacher and renewed PTA.
6. Exploring a potential educational project in Rwanda which would be led by the Uganda Sisters who have built and run Good Shepherd school. More about this later.
7. Developing the volunteering opportunities at our schools. If an supporters have pre university youngsters who are interested do contact us.

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