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Monday, 16 May 2011

A Snake or a baby?

What’s this? A lady was on her way passing near a garbage dumping place, got scared of a moving and shaking movements in the rubbish. Out of mixed minds , she takes a minute to closely look at what is shaking? , with much hope it would be a snake after all what else would be found in  that place.
Ready with stick to hit the snake all a rat, to her surprise, only to see human hair.  What? She broke into an alarm that stimulated every one. Within no minute the whole village had already gathered to witness.
Guess what it was a male Baby around 2-3 months. all exhausted and left with no not even any energy to cry or even to open his eyes, a part from shaking like a caterpillar.

After all the regimental and protocols, the child now landed in Sr . Demmy’s hands, the in charge of Lira babie’s home. They were ready and very sure of burial in the one or two days,
 Out of God’s mighty power through the hard work and creativeness plus dedicated care offered by the staff of the home, They were able to bring back the most handsome and bright  Ambrose Okello [as the name given from there] back to life .
As of now he’s adopted by some though he still come to to the home for very big and important occasions like Easter and Christmas.
Written by Grace Nannyondo May 2011

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