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Friday, 1 July 2011


Do you remember when it was Kenyan long distance runners who used to win everything. Strange thing was that nearly all of them had attended the same secondary school, St Patricks at Igoe.
Maybe St Zoes could do the same. Well that is Matt's idea and perhaps it could really happen as we get our sport programme really moving.

Here is what Rebecca Nixon, one of our volunteers is doing this week in Uganda. She sent this report this week;

We now have 140 students, with 52 boys so I have organised a Tournament involving all the boys in the Secondary. The school football team was split equally between the four teams as well as defenders, strikers and goalies. The team captains are each of our Senior 4 boys who are each strong characters and I asked them to think of the team names. I have fixtures, results and team notices up and the kids are all  really excited! Which is absolutely lovely to see-I am seeing kids on the pitch that I have never seen before and they are all really getting involved! The girls are also cheering along at the football matches, as well as Primary members and the villagers. I have now also organised a Netball Tournament with 2 leagues, once again involving all the girls! Since Term 1 the girls have literally not being practicing netball, which I was horrified at, they eat posho and beans everyday which, makes these girls fat and don't exercise! Also I am getting fatter from no netball so have been forced to start cycling to Mubende and back-which of course highly amuses every Ugandan I pass-as they think along the lines of... why would there be a Mzungu girl cycling at 7am on a Sunday morning, with no bag?! So the girls are also taking part and being pretty active which is good. I have also organised four team houses: Musangi, Mount, Bishop and Kapffa, which the children are really excited about, house captains have been allocated and it means that Sports Galas at end of terms will now be more competitive and more organised! I am also now currently collecting in entries for the house emblems competition. Our Netball referee from the Primary-Mr Bishashara has also recently made four houses in the primary section (on his own initiative) -which is brilliant and is organising inter-house competitions. He is brilliant and has a lot of enthusiasm and time for sport. 

I am organising prizes for the winning teams as well as best striker etc. The kids are being really enthusiastic which is great and I am especially proud of those that are having a go and don't usually play.


Alan said...

Doing a great job, Rebecca.

Tony White said...

Rebecca, this is fabulous, and who knows what talents might emerge. Its wonderful to see the way the school is helping develop the whole person as well as giving a great education. You're real stars. Thanks