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Monday, 25 July 2011

What is the drought doing to our children?

Although we know a lot about the effects of the drought in Sudan and Ethiopia its effects and those created by inflation are giving some very serious problems at our schools.
This report from our Director, Ssempijja Andrew tells the story. We will be helping.

Third Term 2011 will run for 90 days from the 28th of August until the 26th of November. The main food products we feed to both our students and staff, is posho made from maize flour and beans, for sauce.

Posho is made from Maize and is like thick porridge.

Due to some food that we have harvested from our farms we have been able to add additional nutrition to the children’s diets in weekends. However due to the current drought, we will not be able to harvest this food from our gardens next term. Therefore students will have to consume a constant diet of posho and beans unless we are able to add some additional variety to their diet, by buying rice at the weekends for example. (Posho fills you but has low nutritious value)

Amount required:


60kg per day for 90 days
Cost per Kg
1500Ush (current price)
Total cost
8,100,000Ush   £2025

Maize Flour

Maize flour needed for Posho
Maize flour needed for Porridge
Total Kg of maize flour needed
Price per Kg
Total Cost
17,760,000Ush   £4440

During this Second Term, maize corn prices rocketed to 1500Ush per Kg due to scarcity; because of some new harvests we anticipate the price per Kg to drop to 800Ush. However, there is a need to purchase and stock it very quickly as the farmers start harvesting in early August. According to observation, the yield has been poor and neighbouring countries are eagerly waiting to buy it. Therefore food prices may rise much higher than they have been.


Per meal- 130Kg at 3200Ush per Kg
416,000Ush       £104 
For 12 meals (Once per week)
4,992,000Ush £1248 for 6000 meals

If we put the above meal plan into effect, the cost on the posho will reduce by 2,080,00Ush and then the overall cost will rise by 4,992,000Ush.


Total cost for maize
Plus cost of rice
Plus cost of beans
30,852,000Ush     £7713

Minus value for posho replaced by rice

Final Total
28,772,000Ush     £7193

 This total will feed 550 people for 5 to 7 days a week. About 50,000 meals!!

Water Status

As the population of the community expands, water as a resource is needed much more. Therefore water pressure is increasing within the area. There are three possible alternative interventions that can be considered:

1.    Drill a borehole, since it was discovered that there is an underground river located near St Zoe; we could target and extract the water and be able to obtain a clean water supply.
2.    The second intervention would look at enlarging and completing the valley dam. This could even include a way of filtering this water so as to improver the water quality.
3.    The third proposal looks at building another underground tank on the side of the Secondary School. This would enable the harvesting of more rainwater from the roofs of the Secondary buildings.
W Written by Ssempijja Andrew July 24th 2011

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