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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Progress at St Kizito's near Kampala

We have not told our supporters much about St Kizito's Primary School outside Kampala and which HUGS supported for many years.

Our visit in 2009 was disappointing. Lots of happy children but the state of the school, lack of classroom stimulus and dangerous school site was not good. We met the school PTA but found that it was still being run by a wonderful retired head teacher and not by active parents.
 The school was not progressing. We felt that we might be doing no real good and did not support the school for two years or more.

When Denise and Peter met the new head teacher, Immaculate, in early 2010 she told us that the parents were not engaged and simply said to her "why worry, the overseas donors will provide"

We said we would only support if we could see real change in this attitude.

The following dialogue has been constructed to tell you where the school is at today.

“Immaculate tell us your first impressions of St. Kizito’s Preparatory School Makenke.”
 Immy:  I am so happy that St. Kizito’s was founded; I am also impressed by the good buildings and donors who help us so much.

Question:​ Does the school set standards for honesty and integrity?
Immy:​ Yes, I think St. Kizito’s has continued with that vision of her founders the church of Gayaza Parish that is to aim at very high moral standards.

Question: What about academic achievements? How are you doing?
Immy:​ Well, for academic we enjoy the services of a hard working and caring academic staff and this is not empty praise. There is always academic work to be done in form of homework practical exercise, tests and exams making St. Kizito’s a real fountain of a primary leaver.

Question:​ How about on the side of the power house, the meals, we hear the staple food is not bread and butter nor “rice and peas” but posho and beans, tell us about that.
Immy:​ Well just look at me and may be look at other children, the decision will be yours on whether we are well fed or not, but as you see our skins are shining and very smooth.

Immy:​I wish to thank our parents, our teachers and helping Uganda schools (HUGS) of for the tremendous work they have done which has benefited and continues to benefit many children of Uganda and even beyond.

​Great thanks to Rev. Fr. Mayinja Francis who helps the school in a special way

Immaculate is making a big difference. The new PTA is helping, parents are more involved and the parish is helping with many items. The school is cleaner and safer and there is evidence of stimulus for the children within the classrooms. We have given the school some money to help them with the problems caused by the drought and dreadful harvests in 2011.

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