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Monday, 17 October 2011

Tragedy in the Congo

Some of you may have heard about the recent tragedy in the Congo and one of great supporters has told me a little about it;

Dear all,
my friend James is a Drama professor and specialises in using Drama to help people in war and conflict. he has recently been working in the DR Congo and the recent massacre killed the people he has been working closely with - see message below. They are raising money to support the bereaved families who have lost their only wage earner. please support this and pass it on to anyone who might be interested

Your can read more about it at the web site


Those who lost their lives were doing what we are doing. Bringing education to the people in a country which is notorious for the killings over so many years.

It would be wonderful if we could help and HUGS Trustees will be thinking what we might be able to do to help.

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