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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

2012 Kicks Off with a workshop at St Zoe's

At the beginning of this year 2012, St. Zoe schools decided to launch a new beginning by holding a two-day in-house workshop for all members of staff, the teaching and non-teaching staff, for the primary, the secondary, and the soon-to-start vocational school. The event took place on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th January 2012, starting at 8.00 a.m. and ending at 6.30 p.m. each day.

On this first occasion, the main aims of the workshop were, among others: to remind members of their roles and responsibilities as well as their terms and conditions of service; to analyze and critically understand their job descriptions, and to discuss issues concerning the budget of the coming school term.

As point of departure the members of staff reminded themselves of the VISION, MISSION and GOALS of Kagoma Education Development Organization (KEDO) of which St. Zoe’s schools are but components. Thus, the VISION is to be a model and focused center of education, moral values and general development. The MISSION is to train an all round person capable of self-reliance. And the GOAL is to provide and promote quality, practical and affordable education, as St. Zoe schools uplift the educational standards of learners in the area and outside it.

The workshop then delved into the specific roles and responsibilities of a classroom teacher, a subject teacher, a section head, the school secretary, the school nurse and matrons, as well as the school farm manager, security personnel, support staff, and cooks.

This workshop was an ingenious innovation that involved the participation of all members of staff, except two who had travelled far for their Christmas and New Year’s holiday. The workshop was also conducted in a very cost effective manner, since there was no need to hire external facilitators. All the facilitators were from within the members of staff of St. Zoe schools.

The main challenges that were observed during the discussions revolved around financial limitations which many times have constrained the smooth running and further progress of the schools. Otherwise the workshop was evaluated by all participants as a great success which gave opportunity to everyone to express themselves in a cordial and friendly, but critical and constructive atmosphere.

As final resolution and way forward, the members agreed to help each other to implement what they had discussed, and to create an atmosphere of individual and collective responsibility to ensure the realization of the vision, mission, and goals of St Zoe schools and of KEDO at large.

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