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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Joseph Kony and Invisible Children

We blogged about Joseph Kony and the dreadful things he was doing in Uganda before moving the the Central African Republic where he is believed to be.

The UTube video which is getting all the publicity is here ;


It is rather long but very moving. We covered his story in a blog earlier last year and you can find it on the history record to the right of this text. It was in April 2011.

So what is HUGS doing about it? We think our role is to try to address the causes of such atrocity and where we can to help repair the damage.

Our schools are teaching tomorrow's leaders and trying to instil a set of values which will prevent people behaving in the awful way that he and his followers have been living.

And at Lira in the North of Uganda we have been giving major support to the Lira Babies Home. Lira was a centre of much of the killing by children of their parents and siblings. The babies home is providing a safe warm and supportive home for nearly 50 children who are orphans.

Rwanda had a major genocide in 1994 and when it ended Sr. Mary and two colleagues were invited there to see if they could help. You can imagine the state the country was in with 800,000 dead which is nearly 10% of the population.

They have opened a health clinic and the beginnings of a nursery and primary school and HUGS has helped with the feasibility study for this.

Thanks to a Dutch Charity who gave a big donation the work has now started and the first phase should be completed by the end of April.

The school will teach children of all tribes and faiths and will contribute to developing racial harmony and of course good academic achievements. HUGS may wish to get more involved in the future but is you would like to help please find our donor page on Virgin Money Giving.

Many of you are supporters. If not and you would like to support then there is a page on Virgin Money Giving for HUGS and you can donate on line. Insert Helping Uganda Schools in the search box on the Virgin Money Giving site.


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This all sounds pretty positive and the right way to go