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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Rwanda Schools

After a visit to Rwanda last year we decided to look for ways to help with the building of a new school at Rukira to replace the dreadful farm building that the children are taught in. But we did not want to change or use  the support our donors give to the Uganda projects.

As a result we formed a subsidiary called Helping Rwanda Schools and started to look for new sources on income which much get this new project off the ground.

An initial £1500 was found and this paid for a design study, the preparation of drawings and plans and getting planning permission to build on a 2 acre site which the Sisters had been able to acquire by their savings over many years.

The designs impressed a Dutch Charity who made a large donation last year and together with money raised by the local people the first four classroom were built and opened in June 2012

This week thanks to a very generous supporter we received a large donation which should help to start the next phase of the school.

The school is for primary school children and will take all tribal groups, children of all faiths and will also reach out to children with disability.

We will probably need to raise a further £60,000 over the next two years to finish the project but it really is worthwhile in an area where there are simply not sufficient schools for all the children.

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