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Monday, 12 November 2012

Some special children

Sr. Theresa and her team at Fort Portal have been involved with the annual Ugandan Primary School year 7 examinations. This is rather unusual because children with special needs in learning are very unlikely to ever get this far. But as she says "Disability is not Inability" and we had the first 4 children take the exams this week. Here is what she writes about them.

DISABILITY DOES NOT MEAN INABILITY is really true as these children have made it to the end!

Allow me to  write little about each Child:

1.  Mwebesa Brian:  He has learning difficulties like Dyslexia and also letter writing problems especially when shaping letters e.g instead of writing b he writes d.  He is also with behaviour disorder, he is a short tempered person and he doesn't want to be forced to do what is not of his will or wish.

2.  Katusabe Ester:  She has short attention span.  She concentrates on anything for more than a few seconds at a time and then loses morale.  She is not settled in class when given and activity and she likes moving up and down all the time.  She is also Autistic.

3.  Kemigisa Rosette:  She has emotional problems and always stressed up as she is a total orphan who lives with her uncle who doesn't care for her, we try our best to cater for her school fees and other basic needs.  She forgets easily and she is always absent minded in class due to the above problems, and always quarrels with every body.  She shows very less or little interest in studies.  We tried our level best to offer guidance and counselling which has helped her through, and we thank God who has helped us.

4.  Kabagaya Mary:  She is unable to concentrate on anything for a long time.  She has difficulty in remembering things and she has a problem in writing correct spellings of words.  She delays to respond to questions or perform any given activity.  She also has dyslexia problems, and is also total orphan.

All these children have severe intellectual impairment as professionals of special needs, we teachers tried to give them individual, special attention inside and outside the classroom.  

The classroom shown below is the one our supporters paid for this year and it contains a Primary 7 class, a hall, and a vocational space for the girls. We have a new woodwork department for the boys and this is nearby

1 comment:

denise.ead said...

Well done to all the Children at the Good Shepherd school for working so hard and achieving so much.
Also, well done to the teachers and especially Sister Theresa who has done an excellent job.