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Saturday, 22 December 2012

.......in a Stable

My visit to Rwanda back in February 2011 was to visit Sr Mary and to see what she and her colleagues had been able to do following the Rwanda genocide.
They had concentrated on the things they knew best, Health and Education and had started completely empty handed in 1995. No money and no income but huge courage.

The early work with children helped by the community managed to get a small primary school started and that is what I saw. The buildings were begged and borrowed and some looked more like stables for animals than class rooms for children.

HUGS was able to fund a design study and costing exercise in June 2011 and the plans appealed to a major Dutch charity who funded the first four class rooms of a new school. HUGS and the imagination of a key donor and trustee raised about £20,000 to pay for two more rooms.

Today December 22nd we heard that a Spanish charity has decided to help and their donation will pay for a further 3 classes making 9 in total.

This really is fantastic news. It will all help to give a really top quality education to the children. It will probably finish the primary level project and then we start thinking about the secondary accommodation. Tomorrow's President of Rwanda is at school today.

Lots of good things start in a stable and we never know where they will end

Best wishes for Christmas to all our readers

Peter, Denise, Joanna, Chris, Bob, Charlotte and Matt

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