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Friday, 18 January 2013

Germany and Sternsinger

Trustee Denise and I went to Turkenfeld near Munich for the Feast of the Epiphany when throughout Germany the Annual Sternsinger takes place.
Despite awful weather children dress up as the Magi or Three Kings (Caspar Melchior and Balthazzar) and go from house to house in all the towns and cities to bring a message of good will to everyone. Each King recites a part of the blessing when the householder opens the door and then a record of the visit is posted over the door itself. We accompanied one of the groups until we became too cold and too wet to continue. The children started at 9.30 in the morning and finished at 4.00. They finished the town the next day which was Sunday.

It was very clear that the people were really looking forward to the day and had already prepared some presents for the children and a donation to the charity which was the schools in Uganda. Over the two days about 9000 € was raised which is amazing.

The major newspapers featured the event with a picture of children in Berlin giving good wishes to Chancellor Merkel.

Bavaria of course is famous for Oompapa Brass Bands and Lederhosen and our wonderful host Gerhard is the Principal of Turkenfeld Band. Despite the small population of 3000 people the band has over 300 members and we were treated to a wonderful concert to celebrate an 85th birthday.

The visit gave us a great opportunity to spend time with Dr John Kyazze who was the founder of the schools and our inspiration and at the same time to engage with our very generous hosts in Turkenfeld.

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denise.ead said...

It was wonderful to see the children of Turkenfeld raising funds for the children of St. Zoe's school in Uganda.

The event was so well organised and so well supported by the people of Turkenfeld.

Thank you to the children and all the people of Turkenfeld for making me feel so welcome.