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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A right to education

Over the 18 years since we started the work of Helping Uganda Schools there has been a great focus on providing the buildings so that good teaching can be delivered. St Zoes, Good Shepherd and now St Therese's in Rwanda have all demanded quite a lot of building work. No doubt there will be more to come.

But our Trustees decided that we should put more emphasis on not only subsidising the cost of education at primary and secondary and vocational levels but also give support to the very brightest young people who have the ability and drive to go on the further education.

We launched our scholarship programmes and they extend to both Uganda and Rwanda.

At University we now support 6 students of Nursing, Medicine, Accountancy, and Education. At secondary school we are supporting a further 5 who have yet to chose their further careers.

Secondary schooling costs about £330 per year and University between £1200 and £2000 per year but those costs include fees, accommodation, books and travel.

The University Students commit to stay and work in Uganda or Rwanda after qualification.

The only real long term escape from so many of Africa's problems is through education and good governance.

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