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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Thank you to UIA

Many of our supporters may not have heard pf UIA, a major Insurance company with a strong set of Corporate Social Responsibility principles.
They work closely with Trade Unions and similar bodies and provide a range of insurance products.
Over the years we have had financial help from UIA but this year they really have made a huge contribution to help our new school at Rukira in Rwanda to build a further 3 class rooms.

Your support to this new venture has been amazing and from a first exploratory visit in 2011 the school now has 9 classes, a really excellent sanitary block (see below( and a first class water catchment system.

Over the last few months the local team has been getting the external ground works sorted out with the provision of playgrounds and landscaping of the site.
We have always believed that our schools should be excellent both in academic and personal achievement but also be really attractive places for both staff and children to attend. Parents value these things.

The school now has about 300 children attending.

The other decision we have taken in recent weeks was to invest the money which Trustee Matt Houghton has raised through his Sport Coaching business, HQ Coaching, and we are funding two sport coaches. One will be in Rwanda and the other at Good Shepherd. Hopefully we can do the same at St. Zoes when the new management are ready.

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