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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lira Babies Home

Lira in the north of Uganda, has been a very troubled place over a period of maybe 20 years until the Lord's Resistance Army finally moved to Congo or Central African Republic where they still create huge problems and death.

The Lira babies home operates in this area of Uganda and this week we got an update from Sr Demmy who is in charge.

This is what she says;

Dear Peter and HUGS Supporters,

Greetings from Lira Babies Home.

At Lira Babies Home we are fair and as I write to you we have 43 babies and young children. 9 of them are HIV positive, 2 are sickly and on some treatment, 25 of them stay with us at the centre and 18 are with guardians where we do the outreach. Whatever we get we share with them since they are still under our care and responsibility. When they get to about 3 years old we will resettle them permanently.
Just last week we admitted some babies. One was found in a trench of water within the town of Lira. Another was found inside an unfinished house outside the town. We also admitted twins whose mother had died just after delivery. Their father was very young and an orphan himself and very weak,
Continue to pray for us to have the courage to support and love these children and help them to grow and have happy and fruitful lives.

Sr Demmy Frances in charge Lira Babies Home

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