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Saturday, 3 May 2014

A new school project for HUGS

Over the 19 years that HUGS has been Helping Uganda Schools we have been in at the start of just three new schools.

St Zoes at Mubende in Uganda with Primary Secondary and Vocational (just starting) and with 400 plus children

Good Shepherd at Fort Portal Uganda, our school for children with learning disability with 160 children.

St Therese's in Rukira Rwanda with 300 children and opened in July 2013.

So to start on a new school is a pretty major decision. But the reasons are pretty compelling. Girls in much of Africa and of course Uganda are much less likely to start secondary education and to complete it.

Existing primary school

The reasons are a combination of things. Women do most of the productive work and of course the reproductive work too. But their chances of gaining a full education and get the skills and competence to have choice in their futures is very limited. We are helping to empower and liberate the girls so that they can have wider ambitions and can achieve them.

Our new project working the the Missionary Sisters at Lira, northern Uganda is a major attempt to right this unbalance. It will be called the Asili Girls Secondary and Vocational School.

We hope that detailed phase one plans will be available soon and we can help start the building later this year. We aim to add one building each year.

it will be girls only secondary and vocational school and we aim to work with the Sisters to build this over the next 5 years.

The Sisters have already built a lovely primary school and the new school will be on the same campus.

Existing primary school

The pictures give a feel for what we plan to do and the new school will look like this.

We are confident that with your help we can do this and at the same time continue our scholarship projects and outstanding work at St Zoes.

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