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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

What can small charities do?

The need for charitable aid around the world, home or abroad, does not reduce but one of the inevitable outcomes of the Oxfam expose is that thousands of people are cancelling their regular donations.

Understandable, yes, but how is this going to help the hundreds of thousands in need?

Most large charities need to have large professional teams to both raise the money and also to administer its delivery. Audit processes are not free.  Spending very large sums of money can be done quickly or can be done effectively but rarely both at the same time.

However as a small UK registered charity Helping Uganda Schools raises about £100,000 a year and relies on tried and tested local Teams in Uganda and Rwanda to deliver the work, build the schools and educate the children. They are local people. Three partners are Congregations of Religious Sisters and one is an organisation run by parents of deaf and disabled children

Partners like these bring strong codes of honesty and governance, continuity, and a local passion for the cause. They have members with degrees in a wide range of subjects and fully understand the needs and the culture of their countries and their people.

We have run this charity for 23 years with great Trustees,  no paid staff, with overhead costs met privately or from non donor money, and now have 7 schools, 1200 children attending, 83 past or active scholarships, a school for special needs children and with a small exception all the projects are self sustaining. We are starting a programme to tackle eyesight problems for children in Jinja.

There is a constant need to do more and I am wondering if there are people out there who could sign small monthly standing orders to Helping Uganda Schools?

Standing Order forms are on our website. www.helpingugandaschools.org

Or make a donation at https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/helpingugandaschools

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