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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Bridging the Gap. A sustainability challenge.

It's a long time since we mentioned our Good Shepherd School for children with special needs. So let's tell the latest news.

Thanks to a very generous donor we have been promised a substantial donation towards the cost of setting up an agricultural project which will both raise money for the school and also help to provide a good diet for children and staff. Success will help to make Good Shepherd more sustainable in the long term.

Although the other schools which we have helped to build are all self sustaining it has not been possible at Good Shepherd because of the small class sizes and high ratio of teachers to children.

We have similar projects at Rukira, St Zoe's, Little Shepherd and Lira Girls School and they all make a great contribution to giving the children a decent meal when the crops are good. The picture shows the agricultural project at Lira which the girls are working on.

But in order to receive the large donation we need to BRIDGE THE GAP  and that means that we need to find £12,000 from other benefactors or charities.

So that is the challenge!  many of you have been great supporters for a long time and maybe you could introduce some of your friends who might help us?

We are setting up a special VIRGIN MONEY GIVING SITE for this project.

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