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Monday, 3 August 2020

Saying Goodbye to a great friend and welcoming new Trustees

Is is with great sadness that we report the death of Maureen Matthews who was very instrumental in Fr John Kyazze coming to St Marys Marple Bridge in 1995 and to the start of HUGS. Maureen did so much for parish activities and for environmental initiatives too. She will be missed very much.

Welcome to two new Trustees, Carmel Dowling and Jessica Williams who will help Richard as we oldies move into retirement.

Uganda has now seen 4 deaths but lockdown and curfew are very much in place. It must be really difficult for people. Schools are closed probably until January, travel by car is very limited, Airports were closed. Hunger is the big problem.

But Government does allow building works to continue.

New Trustee Carmel raised nearly £2000 from Didymus Charity and this has gone to our secondary school for girls for Science equipment.

Most of the money has now been sent to Little Shepherd School at Rutunguru to build a safe accommodation for girls boarding at the school.

At our new school for deaf children work is well underway on roofing the building.

Trustees were very keen to start a fund raising event again this year this year. We have had at least one for the  last 11 years but Covid 19 really stopped us. We had planned a cycle ride to Santiago de Compostela but had to cancel it. Maybe a virtual cycle ride to Uganda? But we couldn't really think how to do this.

So this is a Lockdown Event. If you would like to help us complete St Francis de Sales School for deaf children than perhaps you could support this appeal below.


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