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Friday, 11 March 2011

Who do I really admire?

Bob Blundell our Trustee asked the secondary school children at St Zoe's to write about the people they  admired most in the world.
I wonder how many European children of about 13 would have been able to write as well as Mutyaba George William of Form 3.

And don't forget that William does not see TV or newspapers in the very rural area where St Zoe's is located.
As we explored the site one day we met the head girl Naomi Tandeka aged about 14. She was sitting in the shade reading an English translation of one of the great Russian satirical plays by Gogol called The Government Inspector. 
And we are providing remedial English to students in our Universities. Something wrong isn't there!
Who is third world.

1 comment:

dickinuganda said...

Extraordinary...well done Mutayaba George.
Sadly he won't be able to become a doctor....his writing is too good!