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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Quantity or Quality?

The aim of Helping Uganda School is to provide the means of giving high quality education to children and young people in both Uganda and Rwanda. Working with great partners is the key to achieving this. Money is not enough.

Is this happening?  We tell you a lot about buildings and projects so lets look at the results achieved by the schools we are supporting. The really big event in school calendars is the annual Primary 7 (end of primary) exam and it is similar in Uganda and Rwanda.

Children  are graded on their results in 4 subjects in Uganda and 5 in Rwanda.

They are English, Mathematics, Science, and Social and Religious studies. In Rwanda there is also the local language which is accredited.

about 3000 schools enter in Rwanda and 11500 in Uganda. About half the Uganda schools get no children with a Grade 1 score. (The Grades are i to 4 with 4 being a failure)

St Zoes got 11 Grade one and 22 Grade two out of 37  (29% Grade 1)

Good Shepherd got 5 Grade one out of 9 entries which is over 50% and quite amazing for a special needs school One child scored almost maximum points!

The Lira Asili Primary school got 37 Grade one out of 65 giving 57% grade one but the second school run by our partners which is in Kabale achieved 33 Grade one out of 34 which is 97%

In Rwanda our St Theresa School got 6 Grade one out of 32 which is 18%.

These schools are doing very well and in two cases the results are fantastic.  Which ever way you look at the numbers the children will be in the top 10% of all Uganda or Rwanda achievers and this is exactly what HUGS and our supporters are looking for.

Well done everyone.

Things are beginning to really happen at St Zoes with the new term starting very soon. A great harvest last year provides food for the terms ahead. A new school security fence is being erected and major repairs to the large water storage tank are being completed.

More news about this later.