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Saturday, 8 November 2014

First HUGS Graduate doctor

Our supporters have been sponsoring a growing number of students at University, mainly in Rwanda and it was great to hear that Grace Nannyondo graduated from the new Medical School at Gulu in norther Uganda about a month ago.
She has worked really hard and is now starting her clinical work in hospitals.
With only about 2000 doctors in the whole of Uganda with a population of over 32 million she is going to be pretty busy.  In the UK our ratio of doctors to the population is perhaps 100 times a great.

The charitable trust of the large insurance company UIA has been really generous and helped with developments at our primary school in Rukira, Rwanda.

This has brought forward the construction of three more classrooms, the funding of a sport programme and some investment in teacher training.

The school is really making an impact in this very poor part of Rwanda and as a special treat an end of year "prom" was organised for all the children and the parents. Local people made the blue graduation gowns for all the children. Little things like this are important to the community who often really struggle to find the small amount of money it takes to pay for education. They are very proud of their children and this reinforces their determination to keep them at school to gain skills and qualifications.

The last part of the school buildings was also funded by UIA and this was put into service a few weeks ago.

The sport programme also got started and builds on the work of Trustee, Matt Houghton who runs HQ Coaching in Merseyside.