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Monday, 11 May 2015

Some stories from the girls at Lira

We asked the head teacher for some stories written by girls at the new Asili Secondary School which our supporters are helping to build. Here are two.

Monica’s Story

My name is Ageno Monica, a senior one student at Bishop Asili Girls Senior Secondary and Vocational school.

I was born on the 29th July 2000 at Lumumba. I am now 14 years
My parents are alive. My father is called Ogwal Jimmy and my mother is called Acan Kosta. I live with my parents except when I go to school.

I started studying in 2005 and I studied nursery for three years after which I graduated in 2007. I started my primary education in 2008 and completed primary seven in 2014. My parents whose income is from farming, both crop and animal husbandry do care for me and indeed pay school fees for my other sisters, brother and I. My brother finished his studies at Gulu University IN 2014.

I am very happy of my being in Asili Girls and I am enjoying staying in Asili Girls because it is a nice school that teaches students to mind about studies and good behaviour.

I am very proud of being a pioneer of Asili Girls Senior Secondary and Vocational School. The school is very nice from the classroom, the office also including the dormitory and the shelter and toilets. They cook for us delicious meals.

The teachers teach very well and we can understand very well. The Girls of Asili are very bright.

I like reading books, helping my parents with domestic work and garden work during holidays.

I want to study hard and finish my studies and help my parents who are struggling to pay my school fees.

Mirriam’s story

My name is Amolo Mirriam. I am in senior one. I am thirteen years old.

I was born on the 22nd June 2002 in Lira Referral Hospital in Lira town. I grew up and when I was in Truth Nursery and Primary School, my father beat my mother and she went away to their home and stayed for three years and she came back when I was in primary one. For those three years, I used to stay with my stepmother who never wanted to see me in her eyes.

My mother came back home and stayed for one year and again she was beaten for nothing because my father used to drink alcohol and came back at around mid-night.  My mother did not come back since I was in primary one 

And here are the teachers.