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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Crazy Hair.....Don't Care!

Forget Brexit and The Trump for a few minutes. Lovely 8 year old Imogen with the beautiful red ringlets decided to do something wonderful and kind to start the New Year.
Maybe we should all follow her good example?

Here is what mother says about her;

My daughter Imogen is 8 years old. Her dad and I have always said that Immy is like a rainbow. She lights up the room when she walks in and always manages to make you smile. Imogen heard about the little princess trust through a friend. As I put her to bed that night Immy looked at me and said “mum it’s one of those mermaid hair...don’t care” situations. Everyone says I have mermaid hair and I want another child to be able to get up and say the same thing” and so she decided she wanted to cut it off and donate it. She watches the appeals on tv showing children living in poverty or facing illness and always says she wishes she could do something to help. She heard about the children in Uganda that are facing a life with no future. She didn’t realise that some children in the world will never learn to read and write, they will never experience an education and she then realised how lucky she truly is. She wishes to raise money to help build schools for kids in Uganda so that they can have a future like herself. Please help by sponsoring her to cut 33cm of her beautiful hair and helping her to put a smile on another child’s face. Thank you x x 

Lets all give her support at;