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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Getting a start

Although HUGS is all about education we have become increasingly aware that sometimes the lack of hope and opportunities some of the mothers have to endure make it very difficult to really help her children to get toe school. Survival and enough to eat today just dominate everything else.
That is why Trustee Denise Ead has been so keen to help some Women Groups to get started. She has raised money from her publishing and this has helped to kick start these groups.

Helping Peter, a disabled child in Jinja highlighted his lack of almost everything. His deafness was another problem and his mother Rose is disabled.

We have been able to help them both and with a bit extra Rose is starting a little shop from her house and this will let her earn a little money.

Sebastian, from the Organisation of Parents of Disabled Children with whom we work in Jinja said;

When we received the funds, we agreed that we use part of the funds to improve the sleeping conditions of the two beneficiaries as it was below the human condition. The two were using papyrus mats as mattresses, and no beddings and sleeping on the floor in their mud made semi permanent house which doubles as a kitchen and bed room/ rest areas.

So were bought two mattresses - one of Rose and the other for Peter, Two blankets -one for Rose and one for Peter, and two pairs of bed sheets, one pair for each.

This unexpected support and offer changed much in the lives to Rose and Peter and therefore it will go a long way to improve the well being of the family.

The balance of the funds is to be used to start a small income generating project of Rose’s choice which is a small shop dealing in the sale of salt, laundry soap, spices, kerosene, cooking oil, safety matches, tea leaves, onions, and other house hold items which are demanded by the other members of the community.

And it costs so little. Just think what should be possible with all the £12 Bn which the UK pours into International Aid.