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Monday, 8 September 2014

Fund raising dinner and child health and poverty

We now have nearly 80 people who will be attending our Late Sunday Lunch Fund raiser at Peruga Restaurant on Sunday 28th September. There might be room for a very small number more. It is £25 a head and starts at 1800.

At Good Shepherd school for special needs school Sr Theresa has been struggling to find a way to purchase some health care support for some of the children. One of our good friends sent some money to help and we have sent £500 to create a small health support fund.

Here in England we never think about the cost of healthcare. In Uganda you have to pay for everything.

If any supporters would like to review their donations then we can do more.

In Rwanda while they have the same problems the level of poverty is serious. Many of the parents find it really hard to pay the schooling cost of £15 a term. They even find it hard to pay 20 pence a term to buy soap for the children so that that can wash their hands after toilet use.

We are lucky.

We sent £2300 to Rwanda recently to help provide more essential equipment of the school. They were very careful with the money and managed to fund some investment in better hygiene too.

Progress on the new Secondary School for Girls at Lira is going well and we hope to show some pictures or the stage if has reached very soon.

We are hoping to be able to provide some information on the progress at St Zoes with the solar powered water borehole system and the vocational training for the children in the next month or so.

We always hesitate in using the blog to suggest to donors who are perhaps able to increase what they are giving in order to help. Many of you have a wide range of things you support. But if you can make a small increase that would be great. There is no need to fill any forms. Just inform your bank.