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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Going there...

Peter is visiting Uganda from October 13th to 23rd and will be spending time with;

The new Asili Girls School, The Lira babies Home and a new Lira Women's Group which Denise has raised funding to get started.

I have a decently large travel baggage allowance and would like to take clothing for the Lira Babies Home. If you live nearby and can help with nice things please let me know.

Then to St Zoes to see the schools and in particular to see progress on the Vocational School.

Then to Fort Portal where we would like to replace a very poor building which is home to 14 orphans who are living at Good Shepherd School.

Then visit Kabale and other areas in connection with a Womens Health Initiative which one of my Medic friends is leading.

Lots of news when I get back home.

Friday, 11 September 2015

How are we spending your money

Charities quite rightly get challenged by donors and by the public.

How much of my money is going in administration and charity salaries?

Why do you keep on asking me for more?

And what is being achieved?

So a reminder.

We spend no donor money on salaries or administration.

We don't phone or hassle you for more.

And a short reflection on what you help to make happen goes like this;

  • The sixth school is being completed on our 4th campus at Lira.
  • Over 800 children attend our schools in Uganda and Rwanda
  • Vocational skills being taught at 2 of the schools.
  • The school results are in the top 5% for school results in Uganda and Rwanda.
  • Well over 1000 children have been through since 2001.
And we are sponsoring 30 at primary, secondary and further education levels. The further education split is:

  • One doctor qualified last year and two more are in training
  • Three nurses are being sponsored.
  • Five teachers are being sponsored.
  • Three Engineers are being sponsored.
  • Two Agricultural specialists are being trained.
  • One Accountant is being sponsored 

Peter will be visiting in October to get a first hand update and see the new Lira School for the first time.

Thanks for your support.