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Thursday, 26 February 2015

First day at our 6th school!

This week marks another landmark in your support to our charity. You may remember that we were really impressed by the plan submitted by our partners in Lira, Northern Uganda.

The plan was to build a secondary school for girls which focused on both academic and vocational skills. We were really impressed by their plan which addresses a real weakness in much of the developing world. Girls education is so important but a very large number drop out when puberty arrives with all the complications that brings.

But girls education can have such a vital role in teaching the next generation.

We started with the idea of one classroom each year for 5 years, a sanitary block in year one and a dormitory for boarders later on. But the educational authorities are very controlling and a dormitory had to be done much sooner. We have been able to afford to start it but need another £18,000 to finish it.

But these pictures taken on day one give a good feel of what has been achieved in just 7 months.

You can see where classroom number two will join onto the right hand side of the first building.

This is day one so there are no uniforms yet. I know they look like boys but shaved heads are very fashionable with Uganda children. You will see the metal trunks which children use when they are boarding. To start with they will be using part of the nearby primary school for boarding accommodation.