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Monday, 29 July 2013

Uganda Visit July 2013

The Blog has been a bit quiet lately because Denise and Peter went to Uganda and Rwanda to review progress on the projects. First, St Zoes.
Our visit was to review the future plans for the school, to review school administration and to launch the ORANGE funded Internet Cafe.

We have been concerned that the Vocational School is very much behind programme. But things are improving. The building is almost complete with final painting and guttering to be completed. Some classes have started, mainly in Tropical Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. Some tools for wood working are also shown but more are needed.

Thanks to a grant from the Paris based Fondation ORANGE we have been able to install an Internet cafe at the school. It is solar powered with one server and 5 terminals. The regional Director of ORANGE cut the ribbon on JUly 15th and commissioning will be done before the end of July. We plan to make a small (25 pence) per term addition to school fees and make the service free to all staff and children. It will have wifi so smart phones can access the system. Great care has been given to security and web site access of course.

More about St Zoes later and we will cover visit to Western Uganda and Rwanda over the next week or two.

St Zoes now has about 14 buildings and is very impressive.