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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Its not about buildings..

There must be a lesson here. While we are a bit overwhelmed with news of Donald Trump, many Ugandan families are just recovering from the long wait from the end of November until now to find out how there children faired in the big national exams which mark the end of primary school. They call them the P7 exams and this year 622,000 children took them. That has been the big news story for many families and for 12,000 schools

These results are of course the gateway to secondary education.

A total of 63,000 children got a Grade 1, that is about 10% of the entrants.

We had 13 entrants at Good Shepherd with 11 Grade one and 3 grade 2.

St Zoes had a big improvement with 7 Grade 1 out of 28 entrants

St Therese's in Rukira Rwanda got 32 Grade 1 out of 33 entrants.

These are really encouraging results and we congratulate all the teachers and children who have done so well.

These are the Good Shepherd Grade 1 children with Sr Theresa

This is Grade 1 Brenda who has speech and hearing problems.

Disability does not mean inability