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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A look back over the last year of so

As we come to the end of 2016 we thought it might be nice to remind supporters of the projects which were completed or are currently being worked on. These are just the schools. We have covered the scholarships and bursaries in an earlier blog.

Good Shepherd staff accommodation which we helped with;

Good Shepherd St Gabriel's Home for Orphaned Children

St Gabriel's Home for Matron

Lira Girls Secondary School

Little Shepherd at Ntunguru South Uganda

HUGS would like to say a big thank you to all the people who helped to make these thins happen.

There are now about 1200 children attending the schools in Uganda and Rwanda.

Happy Christmas from the Trustees

Friday, 2 December 2016

Make a difference this Christmas

If you would like to help towards one of our current projects then send a gift to a friend  for Christmas. Choose a Gift Card below and make your donation via the website.

             The Sight Recovery Project’’
                                 ‘There can be no greater gift than to give someone their sight back’

HUGS is currently working with Sebastian in Jinga and Sight Savers to help 70 children to be assessed and treated for eye problems.  The programme is due to start on 12 December. If you would like to be involved please donate £5  £10 £25  This will  go towards helping a child to regain their sight.

 (This young boy is hoping to have his eye condition treated soon).  DONATE HERE

    Women’s Project 
                                           Educate a woman, you educate a nation”
HUGS vocational work is currently supporting 10 women in Lira, Uganda who have formed into a co-operative and are 1) Making cakes to sell and 2) growing vegetables to sell in the Market.
They are learning new skills and are hoping in time to become self sufficient and sustainable. Money they earn is helping them to pay for education for their children. If you would like to help these women then please donate £5 £10 £25 and choose a Gift Card and email to a friend as their Christmas present. 

                                             Family Support Initiative (FS)
                                      Families are the foundation of a good and caring society”
Bury African Charity are supporting this family who live in Lira and HUGS are supporting Joyce and her 5 children. We need support for Christine, or third family. All three families are living in poverty.  Please donate £5 £10 £25 to help. It cost about £300 a year to raise their standard of living.

                                                                      Porridge Programme
                                                          “Children need to nourishment to learn”
 We are looking for finance to continue the porridge programme at our school in Rwanda. The children are hungry and £5 will feed the children for one day.Please donate £5 £10 or £25. We need £300 for the year.

Please call or email if you would like some Gift Cards to send as Christmas presents to friends. The cards are free and we will post them to you. All you have to do is complete the box on the back of the card and send it to friends, telling your friend that you have bought, say 5 weeks or education at £5 a week and send the £25 to HUGS. But you can chose how much to give of course.

The money will go towards sponsoring some of our children in Uganda and Rwanda.

Cheques to HUGS  6 The Ceal Compstall, Stockport SK6 5LQ   Phone 0161 427 4270

Chose your card and quantity and let us know.

Card One

Card 2

You can also pay through  out Virgin Money Giving Site

                                                           DONATE HERE