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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Good Shepherd Sport, Lira Class room, and sustainability in Rwanda

The new secondary school for girls is planned to add one class room each year and build a good sanitary block when the first class is complete. The picture below shows good progress with the class with door and windows now fitted. Further classes will continue the building at the right hand side
Works starts on the sanitary block during November and thanks to your help we have been able to fund this.

Sport at our schools has been given great momentum by Trustee, Matt Houghton and supported by his HQ Coaching business.

Ronald, the sport teacher at Good Shepherd special needs school in Fort Portal has really got things going and is arranging competitive games and events with other schools.

Our primary school in Rukira, Rwanda is doing really well with nearly 300 attending. But this is a very poor area and the head teacher would really like to be able to start to provide some breakfast for the children. We looked at ways to help her with a sustainable plan and their wish was to invest in two small motor cycles which could be rented out as local taxis and the income would be fairly long term and allow food to be provided to the children. We have supported this sort of thing in the past and will watch with great interest.

After a few false starts we are hoping to see real progress with the St Zoes vocational project soon.