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Saturday, 28 May 2011

St Zoes May 2011. Some real world issues

With the massive drop in the value of the Uganda currency values there has been major inflation in costs. Add to this another really poor rainy season the result in problems and cost have been pretty serious. St. Zoe's looks after the accommodation and food for over 500 children  and much of the management time is spent on things our UK teachers never have to worry about. How can they find enough food for all these people when they are all poor.

This is part of the may Report from Director Andrew Ssempijja and it gives some feel for what he has to do.

P.7 Class
We have 41 candidates who have already been registration with UNEB. A special program has been set. This is to sit trial papers every Fridays and Saturdays. Marking must be done during the weekend and results have to be submitted before Tuesday of every week. Parents were requested to contributed 30,000/= for each candidate to cater for scholastic materials and motivation for the teachers in the program.
Serious teaching is taking place.
The aim is to push the syllabus of this term very well.
We have secured maize corn 3291kgs each kg at 800/= (very expensive) we still need to buy 9477 (not even half way)
With the beans, we have bought 980kgs. Of these, 380kgs were bought at 1900/= and 600kgs at 2100/= giving a total of 1,983,000/=
We still have to buy 3220kgs of beans.
We have sweet potatoes ready for eating.
We also have cassava at school which is planned for term three.
The planted maize at our new bought land, it is also thriving well (A hope for term three)
We have planted about 2 acres of cassava which was given to us from Mubende District Local Government.
Vegetable Gardens
The long drought affected our vegetable gardens and when the rainy season started some vegetables have been planted.

The first vocational school building


1. FOOD, this is very crucial as the prices continue to escalate. Both beans and maize-corn are very expensive these days. We need to sit and plan for more planting of food crops so as to save some money that would be going for food.
2. High prices of items
3. Electricity.The solar can no longer serve efficiently.
4. Water problem since we are soon beginning a dry season and the rainy season did not give us enough water.
5. Improve the service delivery, so that we can convince the parents when we talk about fees increment.

 We sat as the administration and decided that on the 9th of July, we shall have the following:
 Some entertainment by both primary and secondary
 To prepare a well researched fees structure that will guide the increment for the fees.

Written by Andrew Ssempijja    Director St Zoe's

Monday, 16 May 2011

A Snake or a baby?

What’s this? A lady was on her way passing near a garbage dumping place, got scared of a moving and shaking movements in the rubbish. Out of mixed minds , she takes a minute to closely look at what is shaking? , with much hope it would be a snake after all what else would be found in  that place.
Ready with stick to hit the snake all a rat, to her surprise, only to see human hair.  What? She broke into an alarm that stimulated every one. Within no minute the whole village had already gathered to witness.
Guess what it was a male Baby around 2-3 months. all exhausted and left with no not even any energy to cry or even to open his eyes, a part from shaking like a caterpillar.

After all the regimental and protocols, the child now landed in Sr . Demmy’s hands, the in charge of Lira babie’s home. They were ready and very sure of burial in the one or two days,
 Out of God’s mighty power through the hard work and creativeness plus dedicated care offered by the staff of the home, They were able to bring back the most handsome and bright  Ambrose Okello [as the name given from there] back to life .
As of now he’s adopted by some though he still come to to the home for very big and important occasions like Easter and Christmas.
Written by Grace Nannyondo May 2011

Friday, 6 May 2011

The HUGs Golf Event 2011

May 4th was a brilliant day. The sun shone. The Romiley Golf Course was at its very best. And 100 people came along to play golf and raise money for the Annual Golf Event which Charlotte, Bob and John spent so much time planning.

We had 22 teams and this year a "shot gun start" at 13.00 made sure that all players got back to the lovely Romiley Club House at about 1730 for an enjoyable meal and the prize giving.

Trustee Bob Blundell sponsored the Juniors again and Ben took a challenge at the 11th and raised £260.

Margery looked after all the finances again to make sure the teams paid and she and Catherine did a great job selling raffle tickets.

Joyce and Carolyn did a successful job running the Half Way House and made sure that the players got a beer and pork pie to encourage them on.

A great day and all the players said they would come back next year. It looks like the grand total raised on the day will be just over £5000 which for those of you who speak Uganda is 20,000,000 Uganda Shillings. It will really help our projects and every penny goes to the schools.
But without our Mega star Trustee Charlotte it would not happen. Thanks Charlotte!!