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Monday, 15 October 2018

Denise and a memorable day in Uganda

Denise writes today October 15th
We had such a fulfilling day today. We went to the Eye Camp at the Lubaga Hospital which was so well organised. The sun was shining and people were sat in groups outside under canopies. Each patient is given a number. Inside, l met Primrose and her mother (also a nurse) they were busy testing the sight of those who needed to be assessed. Around the room were six stations manned by a nurse using machines to assess what needed to be done. 

Again, outside there was  a Senior Counsellor, introducing the camp and those who had made it happen. He explained the role of the UUKHA and mentioned Helping Uganda Schools as one of the partners who had been involved. Meeting Primrose was a joy. Such dedication and love of the Uganda people was truly evident.
The crowning glory came when l met Sebastian. He had brought eight patients including children and adults to benefit from the Eye Camp. Then, we met Aaron. Primrose and myself could not believe we had eventually met. He came today with Sebastian especially to meet us as his care is under a different hospital. He is recovering well from his second corneal graft and l watched him walk to the man selling drinks. He took his money from his pocket, paid for his drink and was so confident. Sebastian said to think he had been blind for 10 years until recently.

There were about 300 people waiting for treatment and the doctors and nurses were very busy. Father John, Catherine and l left to go to the Cathedral where we had the real pleasure of meeting Cardinal Emanuel who gave us a special blessing. 

We returned to the Lubaga Hospital to say goodbye to Sebastian and Primrose.

It as a truly memorable day.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Denise wins the Community Award

Stockport College had its big Graduation Ceremony on October 1st and made a very special Community Award to our Trustee, Denise Ead.

Denise has been working with the Art and Design team at the college who helped in preparing her books Christmas in Uganda and also an illustrated Teachers handbook dealing with child protection. Special thanks also goes to  Pamela Davenport and Alex Tracey for their contribution to the books. 
This is s very important award and a great testament to all her hard work for HUGS.

Well done Denise!

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