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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Highlights of Uganda Visit October 2015

Over the years I have seen big improvements at the airport at Entebbe. This time a nice air bridge from the plane to the terminal but a surprise to find that they had just increased the visa charge from $50 to $100. Embarrassing when you came with just $50!

We crossed the Nile at Karuma Falls National Park, diligently guarded by two young soldiers. We promised not to steal it.

Our first stop was 240 miles north to Lira to attend the opening of the new Asili Girls Secondary School. This was a huge event and all of Lira attended.

The agenda for the afternoon ran to 25 items including about 10 speeches. Uganda gets a gold medal for speeches. The entertainment was wonderful but shortened by a huge tropical storm at about 6.30 as it was getting dark.

Then to visit the Lira Babies Home which our supporters have been assisting for many years. It really is a wonderful place with fine play areas, a good garden, a cow for milk and 38 orphans. They are all placed or adopted by about 5 years old

We also met a start up women's group which Trustee Denise Ead has been helping to form. 

The drive back towards Kampala reminded us why there are so many accidents on the Ugandan roads. This road was excellent and we were driving comfortably at over 60 mph for a change.

The weekend was spent at St Zoe's schools and it was great to see a proper water supply at long last. Also a nice security fence around the school, meeting halls for the children, a new kitchen block, and all the children using mosquito nets at night. The number of children has fallen and this was a cause for concern.  We bought sport equipment for the boys and girls whose passion for football and netball is considerable.

Later we moved on to the Kiko Tea Estate which was to be home for about four nights. It really is a beautiful spot overlooking the plantations and looking to the west and the Rwenzori Mountains.

Good Shepherd Special school welcomed us on Tuesday 20th and it was great to see really excellent staff accommodation which is now complete.

A busy week but very worthwhile. Donors can rest assured that all the money you give and have been giving for so long is really been spent properly and delivering good education.

So many thank you messages were sent from all our Ugandan friends who really appreciate what you are all doing to help.

More about vocations and what  happens to the children after they leave on my next posting