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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Plans for 2018

As we start 2018 the results are coming in for the Primary 7 national examinations in Uganda. Nearly 600,000 children go through this ordeal and it was good to hear that St Zoes got 8 Grade 1 and 8 Grade two out of 16 entrants.


The big continuing projects this year will be to commission the vocational classes at Asili Girls Secondary School at Lira and start the science block. We expect about 120 girls will attend this year. Here is the newly finished vocational and classroom building.

The Primary School at Rtunguru in the South West of Uganda needs a further 3 classrooms and we plan to fund these during the year. The picture shows the most recent extension which we funded. In 2017 we also funded a water catchment system on the older buildings.

Overall our 7 schools will be providing education to over 1200 children in 2018


This project is being led by partner Sebastian who runs the Organisation for Parents of Deaf Children.  If children cannot see to read then there schooling chances are very low. Working with the UK Uganda health Alliance and staff from Moorfields we have been able to assist with funding a number of Eye Caps and over 60 children have been helped.


We will start 2018 with commitments for funding 18 students at FE or University and a further 50 at primary or secondary school. Several graduated last year.   Some of those who we have helped are now earning money and are helping to fund other young children.
Two Optometry Students at Makerere University will be supported from September 2018.


This project is based in Lira and we have provided small amounts of capital which is helping groups of women to start small enterprises and gain some personal independence. So many women get abandoned by their partners and are left with small children and so income source having to rely on the charity of their neighbours.


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