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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year

Happy new year to all our readers.

HUGS has two big projects for 2016.

The first is to replace this building below with a really nice home of up to 20 orphans living at Good Shepherd in Fort Portal. We have already sent £20,000 so the work starts this week. We hope to raise the other £10,000 needed over the next few months

The second is to build a three class room primary school at Kabale in the south west of Uganda.

This school has already been started by the local people and they are raising money to help in the next stage which we hope to fund and complete by the end of the year. It will cost about £20,000

And a good news story from Jinja. HUGS is sponsoring a blind teenager to go to a special school where he can learn braille. We got this message from his sponsor yesterday.

Hello Peter,

I bring you warm greetings from OPDC and your sponsored child Amiru Musa!

Musa is right now in school busy being supported by his teachers to
learn how to use the blind machines like the cubeframe and cubes.

On Monday this week i visited him and found him a lesson  with his
other blind friends and these moments were captured as show in the
photo here attached.


Saturday, 19 December 2015

A short movie for the holiday

Rachel and Adam, two of my Grandchildren, are very passionate about making MOVIES and have written a three part production which is screened on You Tube. Each episode is about 15 minutes long.

It is a thoughtful story about the end of the world arriving soon for a group of people. I dont know how it ends because Part 1 is available and the rest will arrive soon.

If you like it then please make a small donation to help us build a new primary school in a very remote part of Uganda.

You can donate by Clicking here  http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/giving/

and enter Helping Uganda Schools in the Virgin Money system

But please just enjoy. And tell us what you think!

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Thursday, 3 December 2015

A nice story for little children

Trustee Denise Ead produced a lovely Christmas Story book for children.

it is called Christmas and Uganda and we have decided to let you download it so that you can read it and show it to your children (or grandchildren)

And it would be great if you could make a donation through Virgin Money Giving and look for the charity Helping Uganda Schools