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Monday, 25 July 2016

Look what you've done!

Dreams can come true and life can change for the better. 14 orphaned children living in very poor circumstances are celebrating moving from their run down accommodation into a brand new building. The children are cared for by Sister Theresa at the Good Shepherd School in Fort Portal.  When we visited the school we were aware of the plight of these children and felt we needed to help them. HUGS and Bury African Outreach (BAO) a charity run by Tom and Lydia joined forces and we are now really pleased to report that the new building has been completed to a very high standard at a cost of 30 thousand pounds. The building was officially opened on 22 July 2016.

The old accommodation

 Gabriel House

Sister Theresa has shared the stories of the children and all have had a very difficult start in life. Most loosing both parents and others being ill-treated. The children were brought to the sisters for protection and Sister Theresa and the other sisters have provided a loving home and somewhere safe for them to live. However, the accommodation in which they lived was unsuitable but the best that could be offered at the time.

HUGS and BAO felt these children deserved the very best and the new building has solar panels, to provide light when it is dark. An inside bath and toilet and a lovely rooms for the children to sleep. Sister Theresa says, “The children are so excited and happy about their new home and they keep smiling all the time”.

It is so heartening to know that the children and youngsters without parents and who lived in what can only be described as a shack, now have somewhere nice to live, which not only provides a roof and protection, but raises their self esteem and makes them happy.

                     The opening event and the children who will live at Gabriel House

The name of the building is called  ‘St Gabriel’s House’ after St Gabriel’s School, in Bury, Lancs. The school raises funds for the children and exchanges letters.
HUGS and BAO would like to wish the children happiness in their new home and also to thank Sister Theresa for organising the building and thanks to the builder for doing such a brilliant job. Also, thank you to all who donate to both charities because without your support this would not have been possible.

We can all feel a sense of satisfaction, these children are now smiling.

It would not have been possible without the great help we have had from so many people since the project started in October 2015.

We heard today that Hillary Dan, suffering from cerebral malaria seems to be recovering.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Hillary Dan has Cerebral Malaria

Last month we told you that we will be supporting the Hillary Dan, a young disabled student to complete his degree in Journalism in Uganda.

Hillary went home for the funeral of his mother and while there he contracted cerebral malaria which is very serious.

He has been in a coma for 3 weeks and HUGS will be helping with his medical costs but this condition can be both life threatening and leave long term damage.
Lets say a prayer for his recovery.
This tiny mosquito is related to the one bringing zika to Brazil and other places. But there is hope that this long term damage caused by these insects can be stopped and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is doing a great deal to help.