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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mosquito Nets

“Malaria is a problem. When the children get malaria it weakens them to the extent of death. Mosquito nets could be a solution. 
Recently, I received the above message, in an email, from Sister Theresa the Head Teacher of the Good Shepherd School.
As you know HUGS provides excellent education for the children at both the Good Shepherd and St Zoe’s schools, but we all know that children learn best when they are fit and well. If the children are getting Malaria then we have to do something about this.
The WHO (World Health Organisation) says, “Most deaths occur in young children living in Africa, where a child dies every minute from Malaria”.
Malaria is a preventable and curable. Long-lasting insecticide treated bed nets are one of the ways to prevent Malaria infection as they create a protective barrier against Mosquitoes at night. Whole communities can be protected in this way.  We already provide nets for the boarders at St. Zoe’s school but we would like to expend the programme to provide nets to our other children.
If you would like to be part of this programme and help protect the children from this dreadful disease then please buy an Insecticide treated Mosquito Net for just £3. HUGS will make sure these are bought and distributed and will keep you updated by this Blog.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Catch a Caterpillar

Only 6 days to go before the HUNGRY CATERPILLARS take part in the Great Manchester BUPA 10K Run on 20th May.

You cannot miss them

And if you have not sponsored Trustee Charlotte  (second from the right) and her team it is not too late at


Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Management Accountant?

We are looking for a qualified and experienced Management Accountant who would like to spend about a month in Uganda to set up our accounting practices at St Zoes Schools about 4 hours from Kampala.

If you are interested in discussing this please contact Peter on 0161 427 4260

No there are no alligators or crocodiles nearby!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

AGM Golf and Caterpillars

HUGS AGM was held on May 3rd and our Report and Accounts will be available for all supporters to see on the Charity Commission web site in the next few days.
One big decision was that we would encourage the team at St Zoes to strengthen their management resources to give help to Andrew and give more focus to school projects and expansion.

May is the month of the HUGS Golf Event at Romiley and we have filled all the spaces with 88 teams of four teeing off for charity. Last year it was a great event and we are hoping for the same this year. We start with bacon breakfast then the game and then all sit down for dinner and prize giving in the evening.
Volunteers who spend a year in Uganda (Rebecca and Naomi) will be caddying for players and will be taking time off from University to be with us.

But on May 20th we have Manchester's 10K BUPA run and 20 supporters have decided to enter supporting HUGS thanks to Trustee, Charlotte.

She has entered a team sponsored by her employer Russell Jones and Walker and they will go dressed up as HUNGRY CATERPILLARS

They have raised about £600 in sponsorship but it would be great if we could all help top make it £1000!!

Can we help. (some of you have done so already)