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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Water for Life

This week we had a visit to UK from the Superior General of our partners in Uganda who now own and run St Zoes Schools.
it has been tough few months but they have already instituted some changes, particularly in making a start with the Vocational School. We were very encouraged by their approach and their plans. Changing leadership is always challenging particularly since the school has been family owned since the start but the demands and pressures which come with the size scope and challenges needed a new approach.

Classes in Tailoring, Hairdressing, and Agriculture have started but the big plan is for them to re locate their small vocational school from another part of Uganda and base it at St Zoes.

This will bring a lot of teaching equipment and over the months to come I really believe that the dream of having a proper vocational centre will be realised.

This is the start. In the future we hope to be able to tell our readers of the skills and vocational work done at each of our schools.

Water supply problems have never gone away despite many previous projects. But at last we have an affordable water scheme which we plan to fund over the next few weeks.

it is a solar powered submersible Grundfos SQFlex system and already we have completed the water exploration work to make sure that we have a good underground supply.

Overall the scheme will cost about £25,000

Check the Grundfos web site for a lot more of the technical details.