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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

There have to be times when our dedicated trusted advisors take time out, rest and look after themselves.  If any of you have met Sister Pricilla you will know how hard she works. She is the only Consultant Gynaecologist at the hospital in Fort Portal, and is on call at all times for Caesarian deliveries and emergencies. She is also Medical Director. Her days are long and exhausting.

She came to the Uk in July, to see friends and talked about her desire (calling) to learn to play the guitar. One of the HUGS trustees donated the money for her to buy an instrument on return to Uganda.

Here she is on, on the road to becoming our first, Rock Star Singing Sister.

Everyone who travels to Uganda, knows how much music and singing plays a part in every community.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Building progress

We are supporting two building projects at present. One is the next stage of the Little Shepherd Primary School near Rtunguru in Uganda. Hard to find on my maps but it is in the South West corner of Uganda and near to the Rwanda border.
The school now has 275 children attending. The this new classroom block will make sure that all the children have proper school accommodation.

Many miles away (about 8 hour drive) the next stage of the Asili Girls Secondary and Vocational School is on programme and will provide science and biology laboratory resources for O and A level study.  It should be complete in plenty of time for the 2019 school year which starts in February.

September sees the start of the new University year in Rwanda and Uganda. We are supporting 14 at this level. 8 doing education and teaching, 2 doing nursing or midwifery, 2 doing medicine, and 2 doing optometry.  We wish them good luck