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Friday, 27 November 2015

Which Direction?

In the UK we have long experienced the pressure to steer young people towards academic careers and to take degree courses which so often leave them unemployable and very disillusioned.
In St Zoes we have been very encouraged by a recent survey which looked at the choices being made by students when they had finished secondary education.

It was possible to find 33 of the most recent alumni and the choices they made are very encouraging.

Four are doing diploma in Tropical agriculture animal husbandry including Patrick who really only started primary school at the age of 17. Patrick wants to be a vet and is already providing great help to local farmers at the weekends

Nine are studying electrical engineering, building, and related subjects including Robert who is studying building at University near Kampala.

Seven are studying carpentry, welding and car mechanics, 

Five are studying tailoring, catering and hospitality.

8 are studying Nursing and related subjects including some from Fort Portal like Molly who we met at Good shepherd.

Three are studying business and accounting and Josephine now works for a large bank.

In a world where young people have to create their own jobs and not rely upon someone to create one for them we believe that a focus on vocational skills is important.