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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Rescue and Lira progress

During a recent visit from St Mary's Hospital Manchester doctors to Fort Portal they met "Mary" a 10 year old girl who was not going to school. No, this was not for the usual lack of money reasons. She is an orphan living with grandmother and had been sexually assaulted by a neighbour in her village. Someone she would meet every day in the street. The doctors offered to fund her at a boarding school if grandmother was happy about this. She was delighted because Mary would be living somewhere safe but not too far away.

We have been able to find her a safe place to live and she is attending school as well. She had a great trauma but is slowly regaining her confidence.

Next month we think the new home for the orphans at Good Shepherd should be completed and thank to Tom and Lydia from Marple who have helped to make this happen.

The Lira Girls Secondary school now has its dormitory and second class room in operation. Starting only a year ago with one class of 27 there are now nearly 65 girls attending. They chose their uniform designs and colours.

We are looking at the requirements for the next 4 to 5 years and hope to complete the school by about 2021.