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Friday, 11 May 2018

Sponsor a child?

Would you or perhaps a friend or relative be interested in helping to sponsor some of our 67 children and young people who we are supporting during their education in Uganda and Rwanda?

We promise that every penny given will go to this cause and will not be paying staff or any other administrative or travel purposes.

It costs about £150 a year at Primary Level,  £250 at Secondary and £750 a year at University.

We have been supporting children for over 23 years and many hundreds have been helped. Many have now gone on to successful careers as Doctors, Teachers, Nurses and many other disciplines.

You can give on line at the special donation page we are using this year and which is part of our big Annual Appeal, a Golf Event near Manchester.

Its all about building a future for young people and through them helping to build their country.

Click the link to donate